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Monday, October 13, 2014

Monday 10/13 Update - Dark Eldar Articles from Blogs

Articles by Yours Truly (Hobby Sherpa / nickthewise)

Dark Eldar Harlequin Army Idea

Dark Eldar Game 2 - Kabalite Raiding Party Unit Summary and Analysis

Codex Reviews

Frontline Gaming - Dark Eldar Review pt. 2

DE Codex Troops Review by From the Fang

DE Codex Elites Review by From the Fang

Battle Reports

Dark Eldar vs Space Marines by Grimdark Realms

Dark Eldar vs Tau BatRep on Skulkers Surprise

Editorials / Strategy

Dark Eldar Army Revival on Eyes of the Snake

Pure Dark Eldar Combos by Noah Hallet

Dark Eldar Venom WIP

Utilizing the Eldar Warmachine by HERO

Making Dark Eldar Work Again by HERO

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