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Friday, November 25, 2011

Does Your Blog Have a Dark Eldar Tactica or Battle Report?

Please show it to me!  I am looking to expand the blogroll to the left, and the links to the right!  Any content is appreciated.


  1. Thanks for the plugs :)

    Lots of Dark Eldar stuff on my site, if you click the 'Dark Eldar' tab, there should be more stuff. Not as much as I'd like, but still lots of content.

    Or maybe my stuff is overly represented here already. Keep it up though, I like what you're doing :)

  2. Thanks for doing Battle Reports at big events! It's always fun to see Dark Eldar in action.

  3. I've got some, there my current army at the moment, working on a few more.

    Either click DE thing on my blog, or the bat rep tab


  4. Sweet bro, great idea with this blog really east to find de stuff now XD

  5. Hi,

    I came here from your other blog (http://thediceabide.blogspot.com/2011/11/my-current-blogs.html). I've got Dark Eldar battle reports and tactics on my blog, as I've mainly been playing Dark Eldar for the last year. I've added your new blog to my blog roll, feel free to add mine to yours (http://rathstarramblings.blogspot.com/).


  6. Here's a battle report against my buddy's new Necrons, 1250 points. Enjoy :)


  7. Heya, I just found this blog via Faeit 212, and I just added your blog to my blogroll.

    My own blog, The Torturer's Tale is about my Dark Eldar and other 40k thoughts and the link is;